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Who we are

Unlock is redefining what having fun at work means in the new normal.

We're building a platform for virtual team experiences, to build better team cohesion and culture.

It's a place where companies can organise, host and pay for all of their cultural activities - from happy hours, through coffee breaks and cocktail-making sessions, to trivia nights, wellness classes and beyond.

Our Mission

To unify distributed teams through fun and purposeful interactions and create moments of delight for millions of teams through our curated activity marketplace.

Our Vision

A world where distance doesn't matter - where anyone can work on their own terms without being isolated, and distributed teams have great culture and cohesion.

Our Values

😍 Keep it bright

We inject positive energy into everything we do. We choose to walk on the bright side, turning up the voltage so we’re always adding and never taking away.

❤️ Reach out a hand

We think relationships, not ‘transactions’. So when we ask someone how they're feeling, we really mean it. Unlock is all about connection and we value people first.

🧠 Grow and learn

We don’t have all the answers, and that’s a good thing. We want to learn together, to make mistakes together, to stay humble and keep improving. We give open and honest feedback so we continue to grow.

🚀 Push forward

We aim high and we believe in progress over perfection. It takes small steps to build a great outcome, so we keep moving forward, executing our vision and seeing opportunities, not barriers.

Be bold and curious

We never jump to conclusions. We’re curious and creative, thinking from first principles and asking questions that freshen up the stale. We don’t ask ‘Why’, we ask ‘Why not?’.